Wood Stain:
Basic & transparent color. Use to unify bare wood color. Available in various colors.

Pigmented Color Stain
Provide excellent hiding power with high build & high solid contents. Available from matt to gloss finishes and available in any color is on request.

Glaze Stain
Glaze stain is an oil based color product which is use to enhance the beauty of natural wood grain. Glaze stain can be apply by spray, brush and wipe. Available in various colors.

Special Effects

Cracking Top Coat: Cracking effect top coat. Apply on cracking and leather like finishing.
Texture Top Coat  : Texture Top Coat
Filament                   : Veiling/Spider web effect.
Marble Stain          : Provided marble look on wood surface.
Metallic/Sparkle   : Provide sparking effect on high gloss finishes.
Granite                     : Provided granite look on wood surface.