Polyurethane Lacquer

PU (Polyurethane) lacquer is typically hard, abrasion-resistant, and durable coatings. It can be used on doors, trim, cabinets, paneling, residential floors and furniture. Compared to simple oil or shellac varnishes, polyurethane lacquer forms a harder, decidedly tougher and more waterproof film.

Pre-catalyzed Lacquer

Pre-cat (Pre-catalyzed) lacquer is fast drying, easy to use and apply with excellent flow and slip characteristics. With its excellent mar, water and general household chemical resistance, pre-cat lacquer is ideal to use for cabinets, furniture, and other interior wood finishes.

Nitrocellulose Lacquer

NC (Nitrocellulose) lacquer is rapid drying solvent-based lacquers that contain nitrocellulose, a resin obtained from the nitration of cotton and other cellulosic materials, were developed in the early 1920s.These lacquers are widely used on wooden products, furniture primarily, and on musical instruments and other objects. The preferred method of applying quick-drying lacquers is by spraying. Nitrocellulose lacquers produce a hard yet flexible, durable finish that can be recoated and touch up easily.

Acid Cured Lacquer

AC (Acid cured) lacquer is a two pack synthetic high quality lacquer. It’s suitable for indoor wooden furniture. AC Lacquer has given the desired properties such as hard film, good thickness and excellent water & solvent resistance.

Water-Based Lacquer

Water-based lacquer is considerably non-dangerous goods and environmentally friendly product. In recent years, more and more water-based lacquers are replacing solvent-based coating in woodworking and other similar industrial applications due to health risks and environmental considerations. In many cases, water-based lacquer is produce comparable results & performances compared against solvent-based coating.

1K Acrylic Lacquer

1K Acrylic lacquer provides good gloss retention and hardens rapidly to give a very high build coating with excellent weathering resistance.